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3D TextCu.be Demo

3D TextCu.be Demo

Here you can explore a virtual TextCu.be. Click and drag the mouse to move the TextCu.be around.

TextCu.be Pictures

TextCu.be Pictures

See the glamorous TextCu.be in all of its glory. You can even print them out and show them to your friends. They can also make great posters and wallpaper.                   ...

Available in Over 100 Colors and Designs

Available in Over 100 Colors and Designs

The TextCu.be is available in over 100 colors and designs. You and all of your friends can have one and still not have the same design while still personalizing your TextCu.be. After launch, we will make even more colors and designs available. You will also be able to switch out the colors any tim...


Free Lifetime Service

Never Worry About A Billimage

The TextCu.be is only $100 and includes free lifetime service, a free gift, free shipping and free tax. Get one while you still can! Read More

Small Size

Goes Right On Your Keychain

The TextCu.be is amazingly small. In fact, it can be attached to your keychain. You can always have it with you and never worry about it. Read More

Stay In Contact

Never Miss Out Againimage

All of your friends can send you messages no matter where you are. No more being tied down to the computer or giving out your personal phone number. Read More

Only 1,000,000 TextCu.bes Are Available

We are only manufacturing 1,000,000 TextCu.bes during our initial promotional period. Make sure you purchase your TextCu.be today to make sure you get one since they are going quick.

When you order, you will receive a free gift, free shipping, free tax and free life-time service. My TextCu.be is also available now so you can begin inviting your friends and integrating the TextCu.be widget into your other social networking sites.

Alerts and Reminders

  • General News
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Stocks
  • Horoscopes
  • Amber Alerts
  • Gaming
  • Lottery
  • Traffic

Coverage Area

TextCu.be service is available almost everywhere in the USA. Just to be sure, double check your local coverage.

Did you Know?

That the TextCu.be technology is so powerful and reliable that the TextCu.be doesn't show signal bars at all, since it usually won't be out of service no matter where you go in the USA.

Free Gifts

When you buy a TextCu.be you get to choose from 3 free gifts. Check them out now!

Weather and News

Your TextCu.be will not only keep you in contact with your friends, it will also deliver news, weather, horoscopes and more right to you.

Totally Customizable

From the hundreds of the colors you can choose from to the alerts and reminders you can receive, the TextCu.be is fully customizable by you. Learn more.



How would you begin to use My TextCu.be?


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